Registered NI name: Shadowlands Faolan Hecate

Breeder: Shadowlands

Known as: Shyla

Nickname: Bear

Date of birth: 09/12/2008

Loves: Biking, cuddles, ice-cream, playing with toys, cheese, sunbathing & snow

Can be: Stubborn

Shyla joined our lives when she was 18 months old, as a rescue. She was our first Northern Inuit and from the moment that we read her advert on the NI rescue page we fell in love and knew she would be part of our lives.

We have come to learn that Shyla isn't like most other Northern Inuits. She is quiet, she hardly ever barks, we think she is very thoughtful and she never complains.

Shyla slotted right into our lives from day one. She picked up being a trail dog easily, and as she has never been one to lead, always preferring to follow, it was very easy to train her. She gets so excited before we go out biking, we now have to pretend we aren't until she has finished her breakfast, or she won't eat she gets that eager to leave. On long walks we discovered she loves rivers, but won't swim. Her favourite game while we are out is us throwing stones into a river, she likes the water to splash her face and she tries to catch the wave the splash creates. 

We always knew we wanted a second Northern Inuit in our lives but we were apprehensive about how Shyla would react. We did some research, and the overall opinion we found was that she would probably be grumpy for a few weeks, but would ultimately accept a new dog. However reality couldn't have been further from this. From the second we bought Miya home, Shyla was accepting, nurturing, and was so happy. We always hoped and knew that some of Shyla's traits would influence Miya, but we didn't expect Miya to influence Shyla the way she has. From day one they have been best friends, Shyla has been there to reassure Miya as she has grown, and encouraged her to explore the world around her.

As Shyla was a rescue she was spayed before she came to live with us. There was something in us that always knew how much of a good mother she would have made, and we feel it was a shame that she was never given an opportunity that appeared to come so naturally to her. We could clearly see when she first met Miya, she became her mother instinctively. This is one of the reasons we made the decision to breed Miya, not only to give Miya an opportunity to be a mother, but to allow Shyla to be around puppies, we know she will enjoy.