Registered NI name: Westcountry Sovereign

Breeder: Mary Roach at Westcountry Northern Inuits

Known as: Shadow

Nickname: Spoon

Date of birth: 11/04/2019

Hips: 3-6

Elbows: 0-0

Eyes: Clear

Osd3: Clear

DM: Clear

Loves: Esme, Shyla, Miya, vegetables, chasing the hoover, leaping around, howling in excitement and sleeping.

Can be: Completely gorgeous, she gets away with anything!

Whilst we have never hidden the fact that we wanted more dogs (and still do), here at Traildog headquarters we had to wait for our third dog, and that was difficult. When you make the decision to add to your pack, or even just get your first dog, there is part of you that wants that journey to start immediately. Unfortunately in the world of dog breeding nothing is certain and so after making the decision we wanted to add a third to our growing pack we had to wait 6 months. But as we believe in the saying 'everything happens for a reason, waiting meant we got to bring home the most gorgeous, special puppy we ever laid eyes on (in our opinion).

When Mary at Westcountry Northern Inuits gave us the incredible news that not only we could have one of her beautiful puppies, but that we could have the pick of the litter, suddenly having waited those 6 months was worth every second. Shadow had already been born and was approximately 3 weeks old when we got the news. Shadow was from a litter of 8 and all her littermates were light in colour, this meant her dark mask and grey and black tones made her stand out. But it wasn't just her looks that drew us to her. Westcountry is in Plymouth, as such, we had to rely on Shadow's breeder Mary to send us details of Shadow and her littermates, what they were like, and their growing personalities, as well as pictures and video's. It was the combination of all of these that made us fall for Shadow.

It was a 9-hour journey for us to collect Shadow, as all 4 of us packed up to make the journey, and we were so excited. We booked a hotel for the night to break up the long journey and allow us all to rest, but we will both tell you we barely slept that night we were so excited. So Shadow entered our lives and became our third Traildog pack member. Miya and Shyla were not sure for the first 48 hours, but what we loved was the fact Shadow took moving in with us, all in her stride. She was never scared, never phased and it was clear she was one brave and determined puppy from the moment we got her home. Very soon Shyla and Miya not only accepted her but mothered her, loved her and loved to play with her. It had been 4 years since we last had a puppy, and we forgot as with all puppies they are tiring, they demand so much attention, but the pure love they give back was and is worth every second.

We cannot now believe we are only days off Shadow's second birthday. We have just had all her health tests completed and hope to be mating our wonderful girl by the end of 2021. Shadow is a gorgeous, funny, loving dog, and an excellent Traildog. We know she is going to make one amazing mummy and cannot wait to share this with you in the next year.