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Hello and welcome to Traildog Northern Inuits

We are breeders of the Northern Inuit Dog, but we feel with a difference!

At Traildog Northern Inuits we combine two of our passions, our love of the Northern Inuit Dog and in-particular our girls Shyla, Miya, Shadow & Esme along with our love and their love of mountain biking, walking and generally being outdoors in nature. This website has been created to bring to you up to date information on our breeding programme, but it has also been created to share with you our lives, our dogs lives and doing what we all love best as a family. 

So what is a trail dog?

Essentially a traildog, is a dog that you take with you on the trails when you mountain bike. Our girls love it, it gets us all outside, it doesn't matter what the weather is like, they get healthy exercise and we enjoy doing something all together.

Owning such a stunning animal make take hard work and dedication, but to us, they are our lives and share in almost every moment and aspect of it with us.

If you are interested in owning one of our puppies or have another question, please get in contact with us.